LAWA Business, Guest and Employee Internet & Intarnet Migration and Re-Design Project

This is an ongoing full-time engagement where Khepra successfully developed, provided IT governance & strategy, designed, built, managed, migrated and deployed the consolidation of 26 various LAWA websites into three web applications -, and

Key challenges included separting all passenger facing information and create two stand alone websites to effectively serve the more than 20,000 daily visitors. Khepra also redesigned and migrated the LAWA Intranet from thier internal infrastructure to a secure public facing URL using the Sitecore CMS. The websites are fully integrated with muitipie APl's, custom databases that provide clients with dynamic information collected from within and outside the organization. Khepra continues to provide IT support, training, future release strategies & project management.

Location (City, State)

Los Angeles, CA


IT Governance, IT Strategy, Website Design, Software Build, Migration, User Ability Testing, Training, IT Support


IT Consulting, Project Management, IT Strategy, Web Design, UX, UI, Software development, IT support, Training, Azure, Sitecore, Ektron, MongoDB, Other Cloud Technologies, Active Directory, SharePoint

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