Project: AIG - Worldwide Digital Strategy and Re-Design of Information and Transactional Website(s)
Location (City, State): New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA
Start/End: 2015 to 2017
Staff Roles and Responsibility: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Subject Matter Expert (SME), Project Management, User Ability Testing (UAT), Quality Assurance (QA), Technical Support - Migration Mapping
Brief Description: The New York Portion of the project was a worldwide website migration project that migrated 200+ websites from the Tridion CMS platform to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) CMS platform.
The Los Angeles portion of the project was the Website Annuities Consolidation Project-Combine over 700,000 annuitiy clients into a single website migrating/upgrading from Tridion to Adobe-AEM. The secure project was especially challenging when combining and mapping the extremely large databases.
Relevance (Services & Type): Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), IT Consulting, Project Management, Web Design, Technical Support