Khepra Provides:

Products, Solutions and Services focused on all stages of the customer lifecycle.

Information Technology Consulting Services


  • Human Centered Design, Customer Experience
  • Project Strategy, Design, Build, Support Services

Use the expertise and deep tech background of the best minds at Khepra to create a comprehensive IT strategy for a digital and technological transformation that connects the digital and physical worlds, enhancing people’s journeys and Customer Experience (CX). As creative thinkers grounded in analysis, data, and technology, we work with forward-thinking organizations to enhance user experience, revune and opertional efficiency.

Bringing deep IT, digital, data strategy and project management experience plus an extensive knowledge of markets and customers, our digital transformation and management consultants can help leverage legacy and emerging technologies to develop new technology-enabled approaches, models and roadmaps that support corporate decision-making, drive innovation and create a sustainable competitive advantage in your market. Our solutions are customized to meet our clients specific needs.


End To End Product Distribution


  • Disaster Recovery, Prevention and Mitigation
  • Safety and Security for Emergency Management

Our end to end distribution system can see a project through from beginning to end, and supply everything needed to create a workable solution—be it design, build, implement, support, hardware, software, labor, written materials, and procedures. Our goal is to eliminate as many middle layers or steps as possible, which helps to optimize the performance and efficiency of our customers business.

Drone Detection Solutions

AeroDefense Drone Detection Systems

An advanced drone detection system that identifies and classifies Radio Frequency (RF) drone and controller signatures.

Product details

Remote Broadband Kits

The Plum Case

Provide portable wifi in almost any location to up to 248 devices at once - just by flipping a switch

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Local Partner Support - Worldwide.

In addition to Khepra manufacturing and warehouse locations in the USA and Europe, we also have a robust Partner Community ready to support clients worldwide. Our end-to-end vendor and reseller solutions provide the right tools to guide customers to success and keep their business going while helping our manufacturers to control their brand and expand business with new offerings, across new partner channels and new markets.

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